Siobhan Maguire Reflexology in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Typical Session. Reflex treatment

The first treatment will always include a detailed confidential consultation regarding your health history, lifestyle, your reasons for seeking the treatment and we will discuss how reflexology could help you.

During your treatment you will remain fully clothed, you will only need to remove your shoes and socks. You will be made comfortable on a reclining therapy chair. I will then begin by cleansing your feet and during the treatment I will use a light natural cream.

The treatment will usually last about 45 minutes, it includes massage and a specific pressure technique on your feet and lower legs. The treatment should not be painful but there may be some tender areas as we work through the whole foot. This tenderness is usually a good thing as it means we are working out areas of imbalance, but we can work together to find a pressure that is suitable for you as the treatment should be a relaxing experience.

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